Exams are the thing that scared us because we had to study day and night to get good grades and the tradition goes the same for every generation. Even the big businesses have to pass a test and this test is called an audit. When the employees hear the word, that audit will be held in the upcoming week, the files are managed, all work is done on time and in style and employees make sure that the company’s each and everything is in a proper way. This is a test for the whole company and the employees as well because if something is messed up and the audit goes bad, the blame will come on the CEO and the CEO will then blame on the employee and at the end of the day the employee will be one moving.

So, you see why an audit is so scary and these are just like exams. This field is also respectable because the auditor is treated like a teacher or an examiner and they are treated very kindly as well because they will be one who will be grading the company’s different departments. You must be thinking to becoming an auditor and you can become one too but remember that you are taking a long and difficult journey. First step is to earn an undergraduate degree in this field. You can also keep accounting as a major because accounting has different fields further on which includes auditing as well.

Now, you have to develop and polish your accounting and auditing skills. You must be wondering how? Well, the answer is simple, when you are in your final semesters of graduating, you can start an internship at different companies just to increase your knowledge and it will be a plus point in your portfolio and resume as well. This will also benefit you that when you graduate from the university, you will find a job immediately or the company where you are doing internship, they might hire you after you are done studying but this only depends if your skills are good and you have gained a lot of experience. If you are looking for internships and good jobs, you can get in touch with different accounting firms in Abu Dhabi or with different audit firms in Abu Dhabi.