Whether you want to increase your patient base or retain existing patients, here are some tips to ensure your practice is as appealing as possible. Embrace patient feedback and share personal photos and videos on your social media accounts. Pay close attention to online reviews, as 71% of millennial will use online reviews to choose a medical practice. This is crucial in retaining patients and attracting new ones. In addition to these tips, you should also sponsor local sporting events and teams. 

Print ads:

While billboards and other forms of advertising are a great way to reach new people in your community, print ads are also a great way to make the best medical center in Dubai stand out. Place ads in local magazines and newspapers to reach the people most interested in your services. For example, if you’re a pediatric practice, you can advertise in a local parenting magazine. If, on the other hand, you’re an orthopedic surgeon with expertise in joint replacement, you shouldn’t advertise in that publication.


One way to attract new patients is to offer freebies. These can be anything from promotional pens to small items that contain a practice phone number. Adding such items to your practice website will serve two purposes. They help you remind patients about your practice whenever they need medical care. Another way to attract new patients is to focus on the patients’ overall experience. These small efforts will help you retain your current patients and attract new ones.

Online directories:

There are many benefits to optimizing your listing on online directories to keep your medical center highly visible. While not all directories are suitable for every business, these listings can increase your visibility online and local searches. These directories also enable patients to find doctors and medical centers nearby and make appointments for their medical needs. In addition to improving visibility, these directories also help you attract new patients. These directories allow you to advertise your services in various categories.

Maintaining a positive online reputation:

There are several ways to maintain a positive online reputation for your medical center, including active social media engagement and proactive responses to negative reviews. If a review is negative, you must address it publicly to avoid tarnishing your medical center’s online reputation. Responding to positive reviews can also help improve your reputation and create credibility among patients. When responding to positive reviews, be as modest as possible, as this will reinforce the quality of care and customer satisfaction and act as a catalyst for word-of-mouth.